Steel-ing the show: Recycled steel could meet 80% of future UK demand

Enhanced steel utilisation and recycling could cut steel product carbon footprint, potentially reducing embedded carbon by 14% and UK domestic steel industry emissions by 6% by 2030, according to a report

UK scraps EU water pollution rules to build 100,000 homes

The government has unveiled plans to eliminate EU-era regulations related to nutrient neutrality, paving the way for the construction of over 100,000 homes in England by 2030

EU and Norway sign historic ‘Green Alliance’

The cooperation will focus on the clean energy and industrial transition, committing to climate neutrality and aligning domestic and international climate policies to pursue this goal

EU and Norway announce plans to establish Green Alliance

They reaffirmed their commitment to reduce emissions by at least 55% by 2030 and achieve domestic climate neutrality by 2050

Consortium calls on government to implement the Glasgow Climate Pact

The group calls for customer incentives, more powers to local authorities and an increase in climate finance

‘UK is nowhere near reaching net zero by 2050’

A new report suggests governmental net zero aims and the policies themselves could not be further apart

Treasury urged to transform the UK’s circular economy

A new report suggests a potential reconstruction in the way the UK repairs, reuses and recycles could create nearly 450,000 jobs by 2035

UK generates ‘second-highest amount of e-waste per person in the world’

Almost a quarter of electronic devices and electrical appliances sold in the UK do not meet current standards for energy efficiency, according to a new report

VAT subsidy on domestic gas ‘mostly benefits wealthier households’

The government is being urged to end the 5% VAT rate on domestic heating fuels and redistribute the revenues to help those on low incomes to heat their homes

New tracker to judge effectiveness of UK’s policies and investments to cut carbon

The Green Alliance warns the UK is off track in meeting its fourth and fifth carbon budgets and will struggle to reach its 2050 net zero goal with current policies