Steel-ing the show: Recycled steel could meet 80% of future UK demand

Enhanced steel utilisation and recycling could cut steel product carbon footprint, potentially reducing embedded carbon by 14% and UK domestic steel industry emissions by 6% by 2030, according to a report

Recycled steel could potentially satisfy nearly 80% of the UK’s future demand for this versatile and useful material.

That’s according to the latest report by the independent think tank Green Alliance, which suggests that better steel utilisation could lead to a 14% reduction in embedded carbon and a significant 6% cut in emissions from the domestic steel industry by 2030.

The report has provided a series of suggestions aimed at helping both the steel industry and the government fully adopt and benefit from environmentally friendly initiatives.

Regarding the steel industry, the recommendations include adopting electric arc furnaces for steel production, minimising waste throughout the processing stages, increasing the retrieval of scrap materials and making investments in infrastructure to effectively manage both scrap steel and valuable products.

On the governmental front, the think tank proposes a shift towards cultivating a favourable investment environment.

This involves offering corresponding funds to support capital investments and formulating dedicated strategies to rejuvenate domestic manufacturing industries and bring them back to the country.

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