Energy industry responds to nuclear roadmap

The ‘biggest expansion in nuclear power in 70 years’ has garnered varied responses

Energy industry reacts to Autumn Statement

Chancellor’s Autumn Statement faces criticism about geographical-based bill relief and perceived shortcomings in addressing fuel poverty

“Nearly 25% of new UK oil and gas sites in protected marine areas”

Of the 64 offshore sites awarded licenses by the North Sea Transition Authority, 17 blocks overlap with MPAs, according to recent analysis by Greenpeace

Energy industry responds to King’s Speech

The King’s Speech has generated mixed responses from the energy sector, with calls for specific policies to support renewable energy and concerns about the impact of energy-related measures on households

UK to award North Sea oil and gas licences annually

The UK Government plans to award licences for North Sea oil and gas projects annually, with a focus on meeting net zero targets, while Greenpeace opposes these licences as “backward-facing”

Rosebank oilfield approval: Accused of “environmental vandalism”

The approval of the Rosebank oilfield development in the North Sea by the UK Government has triggered controversy, with environmentalists and MPs condemning it as harmful

Industry reacts to UK’s ‘green policy U-turn’

Industry concerns are mounting as reports suggest potential changes to the UK government’s environmental commitments, with critics cautioning that such revisions could lead to higher energy bills

“Renewables disaster”: No new UK offshore wind awarded in auction

The absence of new offshore wind projects in the Contracts for Difference auction round 5 is a major setback, says industry

Industry reacts to appointment of new Energy Security Secretary

Claire Coutinho has been urged to take immediate action to restore the UK’s position as the top choice for global renewable energy investment

High Court upholds ULEZ expansion: What next for the scheme?

High Court has ruled the ULEZ expansion in outer London boroughs legal, allowing the daily charge for highly polluting vehicles from 29th August