UK plastic waste to be counted by thousands of Britons

A campaign will help households measure their plastic footprint

Cambo oil field given two-year licence-extension

Shell told ELN the company will “evaluate all potential future options for the project”

Russian oil supertanker ‘due to arrive to the UK today despite ban’

At least 148 oil and gas tankers have left Russia since the war began, Greenpeace says

Eni UK confirmed nearly 500 barrels of oil spilled into sea off the Welsh Coast

Energy Minister said authorities are working closely with Eni UK to “ensure the company fulfils its legal obligation”

Boris Johnson: “We need to encourage energy companies to go for more gas”

The Prime Minister said a windfall tax would deter investment in gas

EDF’s Sizewell C nuclear project secures government boost

The Business Secretary has unveiled a £100 million package for the nuclear project in Suffolk

Oil exploration in Greek waters poses threat to whales, campaigners say

Greenpeace activists oppose seismic testing by TotalEnergies and ExxonMobil in whale grounds

Glasgow Climate Pack stirs reactions across the world

A compromise, a death-knell for coal power or a big failure to phase out fossil fuels – what leaders and industry think about the COP26 agreement?

COP26 Live: New draft agreement unveiled with ‘weakened’ reference to fossil fuels

Campaigners said key lines in the new draft on fossil fuel subsidies need to be strengthened

COP26 Live: Industry reacts to Glasgow draft agreement

Campaigners claim that the first Glasgow Agreement draft is “exceptionally weak”