Cost concerns top list of barriers to heat pump adoption

Almost two-thirds of Britons express interest in adopting heat pumps as a means to reduce their long-term energy bills, according to a new survey

Heat pump showdown: France surges ahead, leaving UK in the cold

France outshines the UK in heat pump installations, with more than 620,000 units sold last year compared to 55,000 in the UK, according to a new report

Homeowners call for independent vote after hydrogen village trial cancellation

Residents in Redcar, Yorkshire, have written a letter to the government expressing concerns over the lack of local support on the proposed hydrogen heating trials in their town

Greater Manchester leads UK in heat pump demand

Demand for heat pumps in Greater Manchester has skyrocketed, with enquiries reaching five times the national average, according to a report

UK’s first deep geothermal energy project in decades to begin operation

The Eden Project in Cornwall will today launch the UK’s first deep geothermal energy project in nearly four decades

‘UK risks £9bn expense on foreign gas due to heat pump delay’

The government’s slow progress on implementing heat pumps could result in additional expenses of up to £3,000 per household by 2035, according to a report

Richmond Council pensions boost UK’s green energy transition

The local authority’s pension fund has invested in the ground source heat pump technology

Government backs clean heat projects with £91m

This includes a geothermal project in Cornwall, set to power 4,000 homes

British Gas offers money back if heat pumps aren’t up to scratch

The company has said that if heat pumps don’t heat homes as well as gas boilers, customers will be refunded

‘EU heat pump goals to cut heating bills by 20%’

Meeting the REPowerEU heat pump target for 2030 could reduce CO2 emissions from EU residential buildings by 46%, according to a report