Singapore a ‘sustainable destination’ – but how?

How has the Asian nation received its certification and what are its future green plans?

Utility Data Should Matter to the Hospitality Industry

Hotels, even those that are not at capacity, have unavoidable expenses. There must be staff to greet customers on arrival, clean the rooms, and address customer requests.

Hilton scrubs up its sustainability act with soap recycling scheme

The hotel chain is launching a soap recycling programme to stop half-used bars being sent to landfill in the UK

Holiday Inn owner pledges to check out mini plastic toiletries

InterContinental Hotels Group is switching to bulk-sized toiletries or refillable bottles across more than 5,600 of its hotels worldwide

Supermarkets urged to step up to the plate and halve food waste

Every year 100,000 tonnes of ‘readily available and perfectly edible’ food – equivalent to 250m meals a year – is thrown away

Global tourism sector travels towards climate neutrality

The World Travel and Tourism Council has pledged to measure its greenhouse gas emissions, reduce what it can and offset the rest

AA-Chargemaster book in EV chargers for hotels and B&Bs

Sandford Springs Hotel in Kingclere, Hamspshire, is the first to benefit from the offer

Hilton says its time for plastic straws to check out

The hospitality chain has also revealed a new goal to halve its global environmental footprint by 2030

Hotels have bead-y eye on “low water” cleaning

Top hotels are apparently turning to washing machines which use beads rather than water to clean linen. The new technology uses up to 80% less water, up to 50% less energy and roughly 50% less detergent, say the makers. When the beads’ molecular structure is combined with the right detergent, dirt from soiled items is […]

Green overnight stay backed by TripAdvisor

Checking into an environmentally friendly hotel on holiday in Europe could soon be much easier. That’s after the travel website TripAdvisor decided to award hotels and B&Bs with a GreenLeader status if they notch up green behaviour. It’s an expansion of a scheme the website launched in the US last year and it says hotels […]