How do you build a net zero house?

In this week’s podcast we discuss just that – as well as what they’re like to live in

Energy blackouts will see more elderly accidents

Accidents in the home cost the NHS £374m a year, a report claims

UK ‘could produce 20,000 modular homes a year with 55% cut in energy use’

The government has been urged to fast-track the planning route for modular homes

‘Energy efficient homes could save the economy £7bn a year’

This would protect customers through the winter and create 140,000 green jobs, a report finds

Bill Bryson slams M&S Oxford Street building plans

There are calls for the building to be retrofitted instead of being knocked down and rebuilt

EU banks on energy efficient housing with €2.6m to Spanish financial institution

UCI’s Residential Energy Rehabilitation project aims to upgrade 3,720 homes and help reduce household energy consumption by an average of 50%

Boris – Fuel prices to remain high for a while to come

The plan to boost offshore wind and nuclear will be “immensely beneficial” for Britons, the Prime Minister has said

How is energy efficiency impacting homebuyers?

With energy bills on the rise, sustainability has become even more critical to prospective buyers

GM test EVs as back-up power source

Its pilot investigates whether EVs could be used to power the needs of homes in California

Around 10% of UK commercial properties don’t meet energy efficiency standards

A new report warns landlords will bare the brunt of this in April 2023 when new legislation comes in