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UK launches £1.3m transport innovation fund

The government has launched the Transport Research and Innovation Grant, offering £1.3 million to fuel innovation in the transport sector

A £1.3 million government-backed initiative, the Transport Research and Innovation Grant (TRIG), has been unveiled to drive innovation in the UK transport industry.

Administered by Connected Places Catapult, TRIG aims to support businesses and academics in developing pioneering ideas to enhance the nation’s transport infrastructure and stimulate economic growth.

Applications for funding are now open until 21st May 2024, with a focus on projects addressing specific transport challenges, decarbonisation, maritime solutions, critical and emerging technologies and broader UK transport issues.

Erika Lewis, Chief Executive at Connected Places Catapult, said: “Innovation is at the heart of helping our transport system to improve services for people, allow goods to be delivered more effectively and meet environmental targets.

“The Transport Research and Innovation Grants programme supports high-potential innovators to develop fresh ideas, providing financial assistance and a wide range of business support from Connected Places Catapult to help them realise their commercial potential.”

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