Sustainable water and deuce on Wimbledon courts

The grass on the courts is not the only green thing at this year’s Grand Slam

Jaguar bids farewell to petrol past becoming ‘all-electric’ by 2025

The move will see all vehicles of the brand abandon petrol engines

Jaguar’s new electric car leaps from London to Brussels in single charge

The automaker drove its I-PACE 229 miles, arriving with 8% battery charge left in reserve

Jaguar to charge up electric production of E-type concept car

Prince Harry drove his bride Meghan Markle from Windsor Castle to their wedding reception in the battery-powered vehicle, which was then a one-off

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle make a royal arrival in electric Jag

Prince Harry drove his bride Meghan Markle from Windsor Castle to nearby Frogmore House in the low carbon car

Jaguar and Cadbury get the water back on

Jaguar Land Rover and Cadbury have had their water turned back on after pipes burst during the cold snap sweeping the UK

Jaguar’s new SUV takes a bite of the EV market

Car manufacturer Jaguar has released its first electric vehicle (EV), called the I-Pace. It says once fully charged, the low carbon SUV’s twin electric motors and batteries will provide a range of up to 298 miles and take the car to a speed of 60mph in under five seconds. Using a 50kW rapid charger, which […]

Jaguar Land Rover ‘to take the heat off petrol emissions’

Jaguar Land Rover is leading a project aiming to recover car exhaust heat and use it to make petrol engines more efficient. Other partners in the initiative, which is called VIPER2 (Vehicle Integrated Powertrain Energy Recovery), include Ford, European Thermodynamics and Nottingham University. So far the project has received £2 million of investment, which it […]

£56m funding revs up low carbon transport projects

An estimated £56million of public and private funding has been made available to support low carbon transport projects. The Technology Strategy Board, the UK’s innovation agency, said the money will be invested in 17 major research and development projects and many will be led by car manufacturers such as Ford, Jaguar and Land Rover. They […]