Wales nuclear plant offline

A nuclear reactor in Anglesey off the north west coast of Wales has been taken offline. One of the reactors at the Wylfa nuclear power station, which powers two wind turbines, had refuelling problems on Sunday. Its operators Magnox are still investigating the cause of the failure. Recently the plant was given permission to move […]

Wyfla nuclear plant to work for two more years

The last remaining Magnox nuclear reactor in the UK has been given the go-ahead to operate until 2014 – four years after its original closure date. Magnox, which runs the Wylfa Power Station as well as 10 other nuclear sites and a hydroelectric plant, got permission to transfer fuel between its reactors meaning electricity generation […]

Oldbury closes- World’s oldest operating nuclear plant shuts down

The world’s oldest operating nuclear plant shut today. The Oldbury twin reactor plant, near Bristol, was shut in conjunction with the regulator, the Office for Nuclear Regulation, after a review concluded that continued operation would no longer be economically viable. The plant was one of 11 nuclear power stations in the UK that were based […]