Five UK firms chosen to demonstrate innovative tech to tackle radioactive waste

They will work on a mixed pile of non-radioactive waste, with the aim of proving they can increase recycling rates, reduce the number of waste containers sent for disposal and reduce the hazard to people and the environment

Sellafield’s Magnox reprocessing plant set to restart this week

The company said it carried out a temporary ‘ramping up’ of the plant to finish processing some spent fuel that had remained while it was shut down

Got an innovative idea to sort radioactive nuclear waste?

Potential technologies include robotics, sensors, artificial intelligence and autonomous systems

Last nuclear fuel leaves Wylfa power station

The Wylfa Site on Anglesey operated from 1972 until 2015 and generated 232TWh of electricity

Historic moment for nuclear decommissioning

All hazardous materials have been removed from the Magnox nuclear site, including the reactor buildings being defuelled, decommissioned and covered in weatherproof cladding

Magnox to become a subsidiary of Nuclear Decommissioning Authority

The private sector will be engaged through multiple smaller contracts rather than a single large parent body organisation

Magnox communities get £100,000 cash boost

Two community projects close to the Bradwell and Dungeness A nuclear sites have been awarded nearly £100,000. The cash boost from Magnox is part of the economic development aimed at helping build sustainable communities around former power stations. The Romney Marsh project is receiving more than £38,000 to help adults gain skills in English, Maths […]

UK taxpayers face £100m bill over flawed nuclear deal

The UK Government has been forced to pay £100 million of taxpayers’ money to two US engineering firms after mishandling a nuclear decommissioning contract. Business and Energy Secretary Greg Clark has also ordered an inquiry, led by former National Grid boss Steve Holliday, after a “flawed” tendering process for the £6.1 billion deal. The government’s […]

New deal to clean UK’s nuclear wastewater

Veolia’s nuclear solutions business will help clean wastewater at four nuclear sites in the UK. Its subsidiary, Kurion, will deliver the effluent treatment systems under a new contract with nuclear operator Magnox. It will design, build and install the Modular Active Effluent Treatment Plant (MAETP) systems at the Chapelcross, Hinkley Point A, Oldbury and Dungeness A sites. The technology […]

Wylfa nuclear station shut down date announced

Magnox’s largest nuclear power station will be shut down at the end of December after 44 years. The Welsh ‘Wylfa’ site generated almost 232TWh of electricity – enough to power around 1.1 million homes a year. The plant was initially due to shut down in 2010 but continued to generate for another five years. Magnox […]