George Osborne’s Budget for big energy users

The Chancellor of the Exchequer gave his Budget today in the House of Commons – and there were four big measures for manufacturers and major energy users.

Businesses could be paid to use wind power at night

Major energy users in the UK could be paid to use excess wind power during off-peak hours under plans being explored by National Grid. Reports claim it could save the company millions of pounds in the so-called “constraint payments” as businesses are currently paid to shut down wind farms at times of low demand, particularly […]

npower’s Wayne Mitchell’s Blog

The only two certainties in life are change and taxes Now I appreciate I’ve substituted change for death in this famous quote often attributed to Mark Twain, but I feel that’s more appropriate when talking about life under Electricity Market Reform (EMR). Nobody’s under any doubt that the aims of the EMR to deliver investment […]

Business with 250 employees? Brace for mandatory energy audits

Large businesses could be legally obliged to have an energy audit under new plans put forward by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) today. Businesses in the UK already face mandatory carbon reporting and now firms with 250 employees or more could also have to pick out ways to invest in energy efficiency […]

Big users get direct access to wholesale markets

Businesses using huge amounts of electricity could soon get direct access to the wholesale markets themselves. The British Gas scheme called Flex 24/7 lets firms manage their demand by buying and selling electricity as little as four hours ahead of actual use. It comes the month after scandal hit the gas market with allegations of […]

Future UK carbon price could be ‘double’ of EU competitors

The price of carbon for major energy users such as steel, glass and aluminium makers in the UK could be more than double that of their European competitors in future, warns a leading group which represents industry bodies. Yesterday the Chancellor announced the 2012 Budget which contained details of how much industrial energy users will […]

Where should compensation for climate change policies go?

BIS is calling for evidence from businesses affected by rising energy prices as a result of climate change policies to help the Government target funds from the Energy Intensive Industries (EII) Package. Last year it was announced energy intensive users will get a £250 million package from the Government to counter rising electricity bills. It […]

Greenest government ever?

Green campaigners were left baffled by George Osborne’s Autumn statement today, as he seemingly U-turned on the coalition’s ‘Greenest Government ever’ policy to support UK major energy users. Despite promising money for renewable investment, the Chancellor told Parliament: “We shouldn’t price British business out of the world economy.
If we burden them with endless social and […]