UK swelters in hottest-ever June

June 2023 has been confirmed as the hottest June on record for the UK

June 2023 is officially the hottest June ever in the UK.

The average temperature was 15.8°C, breaking the previous record by 0.9°C – the intense heat of mid-month contributed to the UK’s average temperature of 15.8°C, which was a staggering 2.5°C higher than the norm.

England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland all had their warmest June on record, the Met Office has confirmed.

Scientists say the chances of such high temperatures have doubled since the 1940s due to climate change and other natural factors.

A study conducted by Met Office scientists revealed that the chances of witnessing a June hotter than the previous record, set in 1940 and 1976 at 14.9°C, have more than doubled since the 1940s.

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