UK to ratify international agreement to reduce air pollution

The amended Gothenburg Protocol sets ambitious international targets, including new national emission reduction commitments to be met by 2020 and beyond

Ofwat sets out water reforms proposals to rebuild public trust

Environment Secretary Michael Gove welcomed the proposals and agreed stepping up demands from water companies on transparency around dividends and profits

Game on! Michael Gove calls on sports sector to join plastic pollution fight

Representatives from the sports industry will explore how the sector can help tackle plastic waste

Michael Gove: Water firms have exploited ‘monopoly’

Environment Secretary Michael Gove has said the UK’s water firms have neglected the environment, acted as a monopoly and avoided taxes

Gove raises concerns over water firms’ ‘tax havens and excessive profits’

Environment Secretary Michael Gove has hit out at water companies over their use of “tax havens and excessive profits”. In a letter to Jonson Cox, Chairman of water regulator Ofwat, Mr Gove warned concerns about water companies’ behaviour “will only deepen” if dry weather experienced in the autumn results in some firms introducing hosepipe bans […]

Gove pledges streamlined support for farmers to protect environment

The government has pledged to streamline support for farmers to protect wildlife, enhance the environment and improve land use as the UK leaves the EU. Environment Secretary Michael Gove said the current system of farm support under the EU’s “burdensome” Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is “inefficient, ineffective, inequitable and environmentally harmful”. The CAP sustains the […]

UK to set up environmental watchdog to deliver ‘green’ Brexit

Environment Secretary Michael Gove has set out plans to establish an independent watchdog to deliver a “green” Brexit. The new body is expected to advise and challenge government and potentially other public bodies on environmental legislation in England after the UK leaves the EU. It would step in when needed to hold those bodies to […]

London mayor seeks powers to fight non-road pollution

London Mayor Sadiq Khan is calling on the government to grant him additional powers to fight non-road pollution sources in the capital. He has written to Environment Secretary Michael Gove about measures, including new zones where the burning of solid fuels like wood and coal is not allowed. Non-road mobile machinery (NRMM) like diggers and […]

Has the UK got the bottle to slash marine waste?

A cashback scheme to recycle all plastic bottles could prevent a third of marine plastic waste. That’s according to sustainable think-tank Green Alliance, which has outlined five solutions to UK Environment Secretary Michael Gove’s call for increased action on slashing ocean pollution – it says implementing them could prevent nearly two-thirds of the waste from ever reaching the […]

Michael Gove to tackle plastic pollution

Environment Secretary Michael Gove has pledged action to reduce the plastic waste choking the world’s seas. Around eight million tonnes of plastic ends up in oceans every year, posing a serious threat to the wildlife and ecosystems there – experts estimate plastic waste is often eaten by 31 species of marine mammals and more than […]