Alaskan microgrids ‘cutting costs and boosting resilience’

Remote villages in Alaska are proving how renewable microgrids can cut costs and boost resilience. That’s according to a new report from researchers at the Alaska Center for Energy and Power, which says the region’s terrain makes it difficult and cost prohibitive to establish a large-scale electrical grid. Instead, a network of small, local power […]

New York awards $11m for microgrid projects

Around $11 million (£8.8m) in funding is being provided for microgrid projects across New York State. It is part of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s NY Prize Community Microgrid competition, with each winner receiving $1 million (£0.8m). They will conduct detailed engineering designs and business plans for a microgrid to bring local clean energy and backup […]

Dope! Hybrid microgrids for the cannabis industry

Microgrids for the cannabis sector could solve the industry’s “energy hog” problem. That’s according to the head of an alternative energy company, who believes hybrid microgrids could fill the gap utility companies and major corporations can’t fix. Scale Energy Solutions develops microgrids combining solar, storage and combined heat and power (CHP) to lower the gluttonous […]

Siemens and Bentley offer utility planning and design solution

Siemens and Bentley have joined forces to provide planning and design solutions for power utilities and industrial power customers. They believe distributed energy resources like microgrids require more advanced planning approaches to ensure system reliability and stability. Bentley’s OpenUtilities solution for utility power grid design will be integrated with Siemens’ PSS Suite for power system […]

Could microgrids be a part of UK’s energy system?

Microgrids could be “a part of a number” of solutions for the UK’s transition from a traditional energy system. That’s according to Peter Jones, Technology Strategy Manager at ABB, who told ELN: “I think it has a place and I think based on the signals that we are seeing it could potentially rapidly be applied. I […]

US awards $8m to improve local energy grids

The US Department of Energy (DOE) has granted more than $8 million (£5m) for microgrid projects to help communities better prepare themselves for extreme weather events and potential electricity disruptions. A microgrid is a local energy grid with control capability, which means it can disconnect from the traditional grid and operate autonomously. It can be […]

US seeks ways to increase microgrid resilience

The US Energy Department has launched a new competition through which it aims to learn more about the performance and value of microgrids. A microgrid is a local energy grid with control capability, which means it can disconnect from the traditional grid and operate autonomously. It can be powered by distributed generators, batteries and renewable […]

US pledges $7m for ‘more resilient’ electricity grids

The US Government is providing up to $7 million (£4.3m) for advanced technologies to improve the resilience of local grids in the face of extreme weather events and other potential disruptions. The Department of Energy is working with officials and communities to strengthen and modernise the nation’s energy infrastructure and help communities become more adaptive […]