IRENA strengthens collaboration to boost renewable energy in MENA region

Challenges, needs and opportunities of an energy transition based on renewables in the Middle East and North African countries will be addressed

“Russia-Ukraine crisis impact energy prices”

Sustainability could limit businesses’ exposure to Russian gas and oil, MP Bim Afolami said

Manchester City teams up with Masdar

The Premier League club has joined forces with the renewable energy company to increase the awareness of climate change throughout football

Aramco inks deal with French businesses to boost hydrogen in Saudi Arabia

It will explore the possibility of a hydrogen-powered vehicle business for the Middle Eastern market and other low carbon technologies

‘Middle East plans $44bn hydrogen investment’

A new report suggests that the Middle East could become the new global ‘hydrogen hub’

‘Net zero will leave the Middle East 75% poorer’

A new report argues that oil-producing countries must be helped in the clean energy transition or risk becoming heavily poverty-stricken and a barrier to global net zero ambitions

China boosts renewable portfolio in Middle East

China Three Gorges South Asia Investment has acquired Alcazar Energy and its 411MW renewable porfolio

‘No oil and gas power station contracts in Middle East this year’

That is a stark difference from the last three years that have seen contracts awarded totalling £4.8bn per year

‘Petrostates will still dominate the energy world after fossil fuels’

A new report suggests that existing international trade relationships could remain in the global trade of hydrogen, halting its progress

Africa exploits just 0.01% of its wind energy potential

The African continent can have a total wind capacity of over 59,000GW, a report finds