Missiles in Red Sea drive up ocean freight prices

Analysts have raised concerns about disruptions and rising costs for global ocean freight shipping

World Bank warns of “dual energy shock” amid Middle East conflict

The World Bank highlights the risk of a dual energy shock as the Middle East conflict compounds existing disruptions, potentially leading to significant oil price increases and global economic impacts

Oil prices soar amidst Gaza conflict

Oil prices surged by 4% – experts have raised concerns that Middle East tensions stemming from the Israel-Gaza conflict could disrupt global oil supply chains

Global oil demand growth to stall by 2028, says IEA

The IEA has predicted a significant slowdown in global oil demand growth in the coming years, driven by rising concerns over high prices and energy security

Masdar increases renewable capacity by 87% in three years

It claims it is now on track to become one of the world’s largest renewable firms

First shipment of ‘low carbon ammonia’ reaches Japan

Aramco has sold the cargo to Fuji Oil Company for it to be used for power generation, as Japan looks to change its combustion process

Plans unveiled for Middle East’s largest solar plant in Saudi Arabia

The 2,060MW Shuaibah 2 solar plant will generate enough green electricity to power around 350,000 homes a year

Plan for ‘largest’ solar system for a desalination plant moves forward

The photovoltaic project developed by TotalEnergies and Veolia will supply a seawater desalination plant in Oman

IRENA strengthens collaboration to boost renewable energy in MENA region

Challenges, needs and opportunities of an energy transition based on renewables in the Middle East and North African countries will be addressed

“Russia-Ukraine crisis impact energy prices”

Sustainability could limit businesses’ exposure to Russian gas and oil, MP Bim Afolami said