Green signal: UK railway track directly powered by solar in ‘world first’

Around 100 solar panels will supply renewable electricity to power the signalling and lights on Network Rail’s route between London and Weymouth

All aboard for energy efficiency with Network Rail

New staff incentivisation aims to help slash the track operator’s carbon footprint

Network Rail gives a green signal to free water fountains

  Network Rail is to trial free drinking water facilities at London’s Charing Cross train station in March, with the aim of reducing single-use plastic waste. The rail infrastructure operator seeks to encourage station users to refill their own reusable water bottles. The results of the trial will inform the deployment of water fountain facilities […]

KiWi Power wins tender to provide Network Rail with Balancing Services

KiWi Power has successfully been awarded a tender to manage Demand Side Response across the Network Rail estate. Initially, KiWi Power will be providing services in respect of Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR) and Transmission Network Use of System Avoidance (TRIAD Avoidance). However, this will later be expanded upon to include Firm Frequency Response (FFR) […]

Brrring bring your old phones to London station for National Recycling Week

Members of the public can drop off their old mobile phones at recycle points in central London’s Liverpool Street station all this week as part of National Recycle Week. Recycle “tubes” will be dotted around the station as “secure and sustainable” collection points for old handsets. Network Rail and phone operator O2 are behind the […]

London opens world’s largest solar-powered bridge

The world’s largest solar-powered bridge was officially opened at London’s Blackfriars railway station yesterday. A total of 4,400 panels cover the roof of the Blackfriars Bridge across the River Thames and is expected to generate 900,000KWh of energy every year – half of the station’s electricity needs. They are also expected to cut carbon emissions […]

Lighting system brings energy savings for Clapham Junction

The busiest train station in the UK is set to cut its lighting costs by 35% with the introduction of a new “intelligent” lighting control system. The new system will allow Clapham Junction (pictured) to automatically dim the lights down when the station is not in operation or switch the lights off when the station […]

EDF’s nuclear-backed power supply deal with Network Rail

EDF Energy will supply Network Rail with low carbon electricity to power its rail network under a 10-year deal announced today. Believed to be the “biggest rail electrification programme in a generation”, the contract will see the energy firm supply 3.2TWh of electricity to Network Rail, which carries around three million passengers and tens of […]

King’s Cross powered by solar

One of London’s major railway station has upped its green credentials and today switched on its new solar system. Covering more than 2,300 square meters, King’s Cross station claims the solar panels are combined into 1,392 custom-made glass units, making it one of the UK’s largest and most complex building-integrated solar system. The 240 kilowatt-peak […]

Railways to use Hydrogen fuel cells

UK railways could soon start using a new range of efficient fuel cell technologies across the rail network. The Hymera fuel cell generator, one of the products approved for use by Network Rail, produces energy by combining hydrogen and oxygen from the air to form electricity and water, creating zero emissions. BOC, a member of […]