New York State announces $5.5m for offshore data collection

The money will be used to fund geophysical and geotechnical data collection, in order to support offshore wind development

New York State launches clean heating and cooling community schemes

The initiative aims to bring groups of potential customers together so they can obtain group discounts

New York State’s solar scheme hits 2,400 installations

The Solarize Initiative aims to support the state’s goal of sourcing half of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030

New York State announces $10m funding to slash building emissions

It aims to reduce the carbon footprint of commercial and industrial buildings

New York announces new efficiency target to slash consumption by 2025

The scheme aims to incentivise building improvements such as new building retrofits, efficient appliances and innovative technologies like heat pumps

New York provides $15m for grid resiliency

The move aims to support the city’s energy storage and renewable power goals

The winds of change blow in New York State

New York State has unveiled an initiative to guide the development of 2.4GW of offshore wind by 2030. Announced by Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, the New York State Offshore Wind Master Plan aims to power up to 1.2 million homes with clean energy. He said it will responsibly and cost-effectively implement the procurement of at […]

New York gives $12m for efficient factories and homes

The State of New York is to provide $12 million (£9.1m) in funding to improve the energy efficiency of industrial and multifamily buildings. The announcement from Governor Andrew M. Cuomo expands the Real Time Energy Management (RTEM) initiative launched last year to enhance efficiency in offices, hotels, universities, hospitals and shops. RTEM systems continuously monitor energy […]

NY backs low carbon heat and cooling with $10m fund

New York State’s energy department has announced $10 million (£7.8m) of funding to accelerate the adoption of energy efficient air source heat pumps (ASHPs). The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) says the technology will help reduce energy costs and decrease greenhouse gas emissions in homes and businesses across the region. ASHPs […]

New York’s green bank sees $2.7m profits

New York State’s green bank generated profits of $2.7 million (£2.1m) in the last financial year. This was achieved through investing a total of $291.6 million (£228.8m) in clean energy over the period, which has reduced emissions by up to 6.4 million tonnes, equivalent to removing 70,000 cars from the road for 20 years. New York State Governor Andrew […]