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Ofgem greenlights cable links to power millions of homes

The energy regulator has provisionally approved plans for two high-voltage cable links to Europe, aimed at supplying power to millions of homes in Britain

Ofgem has provisionally recommended approval for projects aimed at powering millions of homes through high-voltage cable links to Europe.

Two consultations have been launched for the proposed projects: LionLink, connecting British and Dutch power grids with Dutch wind farms and Tarchon Energy interconnector linking Germany and Britain.

These projects could add 3.2GW of capacity to Britain’s existing 11.7GW interconnection capacity.

Rebecca Barnett, Ofgem Director of Major Projects, said:  ”Interconnectors can make energy supply cleaner, cheaper and more secure. It’s a win-win and helps further harness the vast potential of the North Sea.

“We can sell our excess clean power to Europe, when we generate more than we need, or access power to meet electricity demand in Britain, during times when energy supply here is more limited.

“We’ve assessed all the proposed projects on their individual merits against our published criteria and recommended regulatory support for the ones which we believe will deliver for consumers in terms of energy security and the economy.”

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