EDF to start ‘defuelling phase’ of 45-year-old nuclear power station by July 2022

The closure of Hinkley Point B was originally scheduled for March 2023

Wylfa Newydd nuclear plant
Hitachi scraps plans for Wylfa Newydd nuclear power plant due to ‘severe’ investment environment

Work on the £16 billion Horizon Project was suspended in January last year after Hitachi failed to reach an agreement to secure ‘reasonable returns’ as a private enterprise

Robots that inspect, maintain and repair nuclear plants bag government funding

These robotics will also be used to help address problems resulting from the pandemic, such as machines that need to be controlled remotely and those to carry out contact-free deliveries

Dust cloud released around Hinkley Point C area after internal damage to one of its silos

An investigation is already underway to detect the reasons for this damage

First concrete poured at Hinkley Point C

EDF has announced concrete has been poured for the first permanent structures at Hinkley Point C nuclear power station. Six months after contracts were signed for the controversial nuclear power station in Somerset, its galleries, which are a network of connected tunnels to carry cabling and pipes, are being built. Construction of the building which will house the facility’s first reactor […]

New deal to clean UK’s nuclear wastewater

Veolia’s nuclear solutions business will help clean wastewater at four nuclear sites in the UK. Its subsidiary, Kurion, will deliver the effluent treatment systems under a new contract with nuclear operator Magnox. It will design, build and install the Modular Active Effluent Treatment Plant (MAETP) systems at the Chapelcross, Hinkley Point A, Oldbury and Dungeness A sites. The technology […]

Kent nuclear power station undergoes maintenance

A reactor and generation turbine have been shut down for planned maintenance at Dungeness B nuclear power station. The station, which is located on the Dungeness headland in the south east of Kent, closed its unit 22 at 19.00 yesterday, EDF Energy said. Earlier this year EDF Energy announced the power station’s life extension to […]

Unlucky creature gets seal-ed in nuclear power plant

A female grey seal was rescued from Wylfa nuclear power station this week after getting trapped in one of the cooling chambers. Staff at the Anglesey power station in Wales called the RSPCA to free the sea mammal. The animal protection group said seals sometimes get sucked along by strong currents created by the power […]

‘Ere we go again? EDF suing French nuclear plant trespassers

Energy supplier EDF Energy plans to sue 29 protestors for trespassing at one of their French nuclear plants. Hot on the heels of their climb up the Shard last week, protest group Greenpeace struck again today, targeting EDF’s Tricastic nuclear station in southern France. Police arrested the activists after they had managed to unfurl a […]