Hinkley Point C delays raise UK blackout risk

Delays in Hinkley Point C construction and other nuclear station closures heighten blackout risk for the UK by 2028 due to increased demand and insufficient capacity, a study warns

EDF extends UK nuclear outages

The restart dates for Heysham 1-1, Heysham 1-2, Hartlepool 1 and Hartlepool 2 have been delayed by approximately one week until March

EDF prosecuted for worker injury at nuclear power station

EDF and Trillium are being prosecuted after a contractor sustained severe foot injuries near the main cooling water discharge valves at Dungeness B power station

Teesside to host private nuclear power plant

Community Nuclear Power plans to construct a privately financed nuclear power station in Teesside, aiming to generate roughly a gigawatt of energy with four small modular reactors

France dominates Europe’s power exports

France has emerged as the top net power exporter in Europe for 2023, driven by low demand and the recovery of its nuclear fleet, according to a report

IEA: Clean energy sources to power global electricity demand in three years

The International Energy Agency predicts that clean and low emission power sources, including renewables and nuclear power, are poised to meet the world’s growing demand for electricity over the next three years

Hinkley Point C delayed until 2029

The estimated costs of the Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant project have surged to up to £35 billion, primarily due to factors such as inflation, Covid-related disruptions, Brexit and challenges in civil construction

Mini nuclear plants could emerge almost anywhere in the UK

The government is set to ease planning regulations to enable the construction of nuclear power stations on a broader range of sites

Britain to build new nuclear power station

The power station will reportedly have capacity to power as many as six million homes

France shifts focus: Nuclear over renewables in new Energy Bill

France’s latest Energy Bill has sparked controversy as it prioritises nuclear power over renewables