Asia and pacific region ‘must clean up energy to reach global decarbonisation’

A new REN21 report suggests the deployment of renewables in the area continues to lag behind that of traditional energy sources

EU supports sustainable development in the Pacific with €31.6m fund

It is backing renewable energy and sustainable waste management projects

UK pledges to phase out plastic in its Pacific outposts

It aims to reduce the waste produced by its diplomatic missions in Samoa, Tonga and Vanuatu

South Asia and Pacific to receive $80bn for climate action

Countries in the regions are said to be at the highest risk of plummeting into deeper poverty and disaster

UK pledges £8.2m for nations to fight climate change

The funding will help countries prepare for natural disasters and lower greenhouse gas emissions

New tool to identify Pacific’s best solar power sites

A new tool which will help Pacific Island nations map areas for solar power generation has been launched. The Global Solar Atlas, developed by Solargis and funded by the World Bank’s Energy Sector Management Assistance Programme, is said to be the most detailed tool of its kind. It displays the annual average for solar energy […]

Pacific Island nations to get green funding boost

A number of Pacific Island nations are to get a green funding boost. The Green Climate Fund (GCF) has approved grants to support an Asian Development Bank (ADB) programme aiming to boost the adoption of renewable energy in the region. The proposed Pacific Islands Renewable Energy Investment Programme will help the Cook Islands, Tonga, the […]

How is climate change affecting you?

How is climate change affecting you? Now you can show its impact through pictures. The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has launched an online photo contest to find the best images which represent the effects of climate change in Asia and the Pacific. People who want to participate in the #Click4Climate campaign have to share their photographs […]

China’s wind capacity ‘to treble by 2025’

China’s installed wind capacity could treble by 2025. A new report suggests installations could rise from 115.6GW in 2014 to 347.2GW in the next 10 years. The country’s wind power generation is expected to be dominated by onshore capacity, accounting for 334.7GW, it adds. Global wind installations are also growing and are expected to reach […]

$228m to be invested in the Pacific’s energy sector

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has pledged to invest $228 million (£133m) in energy projects in the Pacific in the next three years. It plans to help the region reduce its heavy reliance on fossil fuels and support more sustainable and environmentally-friendly growth. The ADB expects demand for electricity in the Pacific region to grow […]