Historic agreement to protect globally important carbon store

The equivalent of three years of global greenhouse gas emissions are stored in the Congo peatlands

Bids open for £10m peatland restoration

The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) has launched a £10 million fund to restore peatland across England. Peatlands cover around 11% of the country and not only provide a key habitat for wildlife but also store 70% of the country’s drinking water and more than 3.2 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide. It is […]

Peatland restoration secures £10m to cut emissions

A £10 million fund has been launched to help protect and restore England’s peatlands. Peatlands cover 11% of the country, provide 70% of its drinking water and ‘lock in’ at least 3.2 billion tonnes of Carbon Dioxide. Many peatlands have suffered from drying out mosses, plants dying out and shrinking habitats – as they degrade, greenhouse […]