Boris Johnson labels Sadiq Khan’s ULEZ expansion plan ‘mad’

He has vowed to “fight against” the plan, despite overseeing its original implementation

Sadiq Khan refuses to hold referendum on ULEZ expansion

MPs have scrutinised Mayor’s plans to expand London’s ultra low emissions zone

Sunak slammed for ‘going backward in tackling climate breakdown’

Professor Bill McGuire of University College London said the Prime Minister hasn’t a clue on climate

Hydrogen not the net zero solution, MPs say

The lack of infrastructure and cost of producing green hydrogen make it a “niche” fuel, they argue

Ukraine claims Russian War is increasing climate change

The country claims the conflict has led to 33m tonnes of GHG emissions

Rishi Sunak told ‘retreating on energy efficiency undermines goals’

This is in a letter from the Committee on Fuel Poverty, urging the PM to protect vulnerable households

COP27: Biden says US will meet 2030 emissions targets

During his speech at the climate summit, he said the government has put its money where its mouth is on climate change

Kwasi Kwarteng opens up after getting fired

The former Chancellor has said he had told Liz Truss she was going too fast with her economic plans

How many private jets are flying to COP27?

How many world leaders have taken the trip to the climate summit in private planes?

The Carbon Column – COP27

This article addresses COP27, the most important annual gathering of nations to discuss our efforts to limit the global average temperature