Masdar launches utility-scale wind project in UAE

Masdar has launched the UAE’s first utility-scale wind project, featuring innovative low wind speed technology

SSEN’s flexible capacity skyrockets by 140%

The company has secured contracts for 202MW in its central southern England license area

Scottish floating offshore wind farm set for expansion

Plans are underway for the enlargement of a Scottish floating offshore wind farm, as Mainstream Renewable Power and Ocean Winds collaborate to enhance its capacity

Why does heatwave bring more aggressive energy price hikes?

Extreme temperatures are limiting the power plants’ ability to operate efficiently, according to a report

‘Nearly 85% of retired US power capacity in 2022 will be coal power stations’

Almost 14.9GW of coal-fired power capacity will retire in the coming months

Austria’s network reserve for electricity supply security granted EU approval

The temporary scheme, which will be in force until the end of 2025, will pay operators of power plants to help balance the electricity grid