Europe’s renewable PPA prices rise 2%

In the third quarter, Europe saw a modest 2% increase in renewable PPA prices, with some markets experiencing price hikes due to complex energy dynamics, according to a report

A slight 2% increase in blended wind and solar power purchase agreement (PPA) prices was observed in Europe during the third quarter.

That’s according to LevelTen Energy’s Q3 PPA Price Index, which suggests this quarter’s price change represents a milder shift compared to previous years, which often saw sharp price jumps.

The report highlights variability in solar price trends across different European markets.

While some markets experienced modest increases or even declines in solar prices, countries like France, Germany, Sweden and Poland witnessed notable price increases.

France recorded an 11% increase, followed by Germany at 10%, Sweden at 8% and Poland at 6%.

Experts explain that one of the reasons for these uniform price trends is the close relationship between these countries’ wholesale electricity markets, driven by energy economics and reduced French nuclear output.

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