Brazilian election front-runner commits to stay in Paris Agreement

Jair Bolsonaro previously suggested he would consider leaving the international climate obligation

Trump’s Mexico wall ‘could emit 2m tonnes of CO2’

Donald Trump’s proposed border wall with Mexico could have catastrophic environmental consequences. That’s according to research from Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF), which has calculated the vast amount of concrete that would need to be produced would result in up to two million tonnes of Carbon Dioxide being emitted. It adds the wall would also be […]

Trump’s energy policies: Support shale, clean coal and dump climate plan

The Trump administration has confirmed its intentions to reverse Barack Obama’s climate change policies and support fracking. Following President Donald Trump’s inauguration last week, his administration has announced plans to use the estimated $50 trillion (£40.15tn) that can be gained by exploring untapped shale oil and gas reserves to rebuild roads, schools, bridges and public infrastructure as well as to create millions of jobs and boost the agriculture […]

What does Trump’s presidency mean for clean energy and climate change?

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US President to launch ‘Clean Power Plan’

The first ever national standards to limit carbon pollution from power plants is to be announced by Barack Obama today. As part of his final ‘Clean Power Plan, carbon emissions will be reduced by 32% from 2005 levels by 2030 – 9% more than what was initially proposed. States will be given the flexibility to […]

Obama to unveil climate change plan tomorrow

US President Barack Obama is set to reveal a climate change plan tomorrow, focusing on cutting carbon pollution and preparing the nation for future impacts. In his inauguration speech in January when he began his second term, Obama made tackling climate change a top priority and now pledges to take bigger steps on the issue. […]

Obama: US will be “net exporter” of energy

US President Barack Obama believes his nation will become a “net exporter” of energy in the coming years. The newly re-elected head of the United States made the remarks in an interview with TIME magazine, which crowned him as its Person of the Year. Obama told the magazine: “The United States is going to be […]

Obama backs clean tax credits

Barack Obama wants to extend a US tax credit which supports clean energy manufacturing. Last week the US President said the Production Tax Credit – which gives a 2.2 US cent per kilowatt hour credit for utility scale wind producers – should be extended after it expires in 2012. Some figures suggest nearly 30,000 American […]

US economists urge Obama to push for global carbon tax

President Barack Obama should press for a global carbon tax, a Nobel Prize-winning Harvard economist has told ELN. Professor Eric S. Maskin from the Department of Economics at Harvard University suggested America should even adopt a carbon tax, like Europe has, to “set a good example” to the rest of the world. The comments come […]

Iran parades new nuclear developments

Iran says it has developed a clutch of new nuclear centrifuges which can enrich uranium much faster. They are a key part of the process to generate nuclear power. Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad touted the new nuclear developments in a broadcast on state television yesterday, criticising “propaganda used against” his country, while footage showed him […]