‘HS1 slamming on brakes powers 375 homes’

It’s also set to see financial energy savings of £1.7m each year with the new technology

Tokyo railway all powered by green energy

A Japanese railway company has ensured all its lines and operations are powered using renewable electricity – in a first for the country

UK signs £1.7bn clean transport deal with Turkey

It marks the UK government’s largest ever sustainable civil infrastructure deal

UK’s plastic waste sidetracked!

The British operator of rail infrastructure has unveiled the ‘UK’s first’ recycled plastic railway sleepers

Italy’s hardest-hit Covid-19 region to become ‘hydrogen valley’

The area will become home of new hydrogen trains supported by new production facilities

Poop-powered train to flush away emissions in Britain’s railway network

The train, which is claimed to have ‘net negative’ emissions and does not require charging from the grid, is set to replace diesel trains

New funding means solar-powered trains could soon be coming to a station near you…

Riding Sunbeams has landed its first commercial funding to power trains in South East England and the Valleys in South Wales with solar energy

Train passing through station
Waste heat from HS2 trains ‘could be used to heat hundreds of homes’

Engineers say air source heat pumps could be used to draw warm air from the railway’s tunnels and direct it into households

Dutch trains get the wind in their sails

All electric trains in the Netherlands are now powered by wind energy. This has happened a year earlier than initially anticipated, following an agreement between Dutch national railway company Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS) and power firm Eneco to reach this point by January 2018. The companies will continue to work together as part of the decade-long deal they agreed upon two years ago. […]

India signs MoUs to boost greener railways

Four agreements have been signed in India to boost the carbon footprint of its railways and cut costs. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed to increase co-operation between the Ministry of Power (MoP) and the Ministry of Railways (MoR) for electricity and energy conservation. The aim is to share knowledge on developments in the power […]