Sun power shines brightly in German energy market

Lightsource bp plans to enter Germany’s market, bringing the company’s European footprint to ten countries

Germany unveils €200bn fund to protect people from rising gas prices

The German Chancellor has said “we will not leave anyone alone with the high energy bills”

Concerns grow over “sabotage” of Nord Stream 1 & 2

EU chief has said the incident will lead to the “strongest possible response”

German Government ‘likely to face legal challenges to gas rationing’

Law experts suggest some German businesses see gas rationing as a “nightmare scenario”

Germany and Czech Republic agree on mutual aid as Russian gas flows stop

German Vice-Chancellor has said no one – apart from Vladimir Putin – knows if Nord Stream will return to its normal capacity once the maintenance work finishes

Uncertainty mounts as Nord Stream gas pipeline shuts down today

Germany is warned to prepare for the “worst-case scenario”

“Gas and energy are used as weapon against Germany”

The German Vice-Chancellor has said “gas is now a scarce commodity” in the country

Russia’s Gazprom reduces Nord Stream gas flows to Europe again

Germany’s Economy Minister accused the company of trying to drive energy prices higher