Nestlé Smarties
Nestlé’s Smarties to go plastic free… sweet!

The food and drink giant aims to make 100% of its packaging recyclable or reusable by 2025

Ribena cartons
Ribena unveils berry sustainable new packaging

It will use recycled cardboard trays and less environmentally-intensive plastic bottles

Highlander International's solar compactor
Solar-powered rubbish compactor clamps down on emissions

Highlander International Recycling has created the paper-crushing device for Arjo Wiggins

Rio de Janeiro
Waste-to-energy test plant takes out the trash in Rio

The test facility produces enough biogas each month to power a fleet of 1,000 cars

Italy ships really rubbish fuel to Denmark for first time

Norwegian recycling company Geminor shipped the rubbish-based fuel from Naples to Sjelland

UK to bin food waste by appointing new champion

Philanthropist Ben Elliot has been appointed to the role by Environment Secretary Michael Gove

Coffee consortium puts a lid on cup waste

Costa Coffee and Landsec are leading the scheme to become more sustainable

Is England’s 0.3% recycling rate increase a sign of progress or just a bit rubbish?

The amount of waste produced by households across the country fell by 1.5% to 22.4 million tonnes year-on-year

Delayed plastic tax ‘will see 700k tonnes of packaging binned’

The Labour Party says a vast amount of rubbish will be produced in the four years until the plastic tax is introduced

Leeds leads the way with on-the-go recycling

A new city-wide campaign aims to improve the quantity and quality of rubbish collected