EU ban on Russian coal comes into force

The coal cutoff is predicted to impact about €8 billion worth of Russian exports every year

Gazprom: sanctions make delivery of Nord Stream gas turbine impossible

The German Chancellor has blamed Russia as “there are no technical reasons” for reduced gas supplies

Madrid won’t switch off amid European gas crisis

The regional leader of Madrid has said the city will keep the lights on at night defying Spanish Government restrictions

Germany to inspect freshly arrived Nord Stream gas turbine today

German Chancellor will visit Siemens Energy’s site where Nord Stream 1 gas turbine is kept after undergoing maintenance

Britons say “nothing left to cut back on” amid fears of further energy price hikes

Quarter of those earning 20K say they have nothing left to save on

Spain advises against wearing a tie to save energy

The Spanish Prime Minister has urged workers not to wear ties, as an energy saving measure

Britain braces for “tight” electricity margins and “very high” energy prices

The ESO says that despite the tight margins likely to be seen at the end of the year, it should be able to keep the lights on

Gazprom: Gas supply to Europe via Nord Stream to be cut further

The energy giant has said it will halt another turbine in the pipeline

German Government to acquire 30% of Uniper

The energy major has signed a €15bn bailout deal

Total cut-off of Russian gas a likely scenario, says EU chief

The EU Commission has proposed a target for all countries to cut gas consumption by 15% from August to March