Russia to stop all oil and gas supplies if price caps are introduced, says Putin

Vladimir Putin has warned that the West would be frozen this winter like a “wolf’s tail” in a Russian fairy tale

‘Russia’s fossil fuel export revenues rose in July’

Despite lower export volumes, revenues rose driven by skyrocketing gas prices, according to a report

G7 countries agree on introducing a price cap on Russian oil

The measure aims to limit Russia’s earnings from oil exports

What can we expect from Boris’ final major act today?

The Prime Minister is expected to sign off the first of eight new nuclear power stations

UK’s crude oil imports from Russia dropped to £0 in May

In April, the UK imported Russian petroleum worth around £59 million, according to official data

Ukraine “disappointed” with Canada’s decision to return Nord Stream turbines

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has said the decision will allow Russia to use energy as a “tool of warfare” against Europe

Is the UK mulling plan to cut pipelines to EU in a gas supply emergency scenario?

National Grid may reportedly cut off pipelines to the Netherlands and Belgium if the UK is hit by extreme shortages

Gazprom ‘could change contracts’ if countries impose price caps on Russian gas

The move could follow reported plans of putting a fixed price on Russian gas imports

Russia ‘earned €93bn from fossil fuel exports in the first 100 days of war’

China, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands were the largest importers of Russian energy, according to a report

“Eco activists could undermine the UK’s energy security”

Protests, legal action and publicity stunts may deter offshore investment in the UK waters, the chief of Offshore Energies UK has warned