Water cutting tech trials taking place this year to minimise impacts on the environment

The UK’s largest water retailer will introduce and trial flush-cutting technology this year as part of its Commitment to the Environment

UK firms to save up to £300m a year as Climate Change Agreement scheme extended

The move to extend the scheme is expected to give eligible companies extra financial support and security

Water saving at work ‘is lagging behind turning off the taps at home’

Despite nearly two-thirds of public sector workers in England and Scotland saying they have cut the amount of water they use at home, less than half are taking these practices to work

Londoners – stop leaving the lights on!

The capital’s inhabitants are the nation’s most likely to leave lights and appliances turned on when not in use

A bright idea for cutting lighting bills

A new motion sensor can save energy, reduce emissions and cut bills by maintaining light at a constant level. Lighting firm Helvar has developed the 321 Multisensor, which uses passive infrared technology to dim lights and save energy, for example when the sun shines into a room, before brightening them again as the clouds darken […]

New Kodak development shows flash of brilliance

An energy optimisation tool has allowed a Kodak manufacturing plant to reduce its annual energy bill by 11%. Digital scanning, imaging and photographic specialist Kodak Alaris used DONG Energy’s cloud-based Site Optimisation product to streamline operations at the factory. The tool monitors half-hourly signals from the power market and calculates the most cost-effective operating schedule […]

Majority of SMEs ‘neglecting energy efficiency’

Only a tenth of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have reduced their energy usage in the last year. A new survey from ScottishPower shows these firms are making little progress with energy saving, despite new technology making it cheaper and easier to cut costs and be more sustainable than ever before. Currently, 60% of SME owners […]

Brits keen to go green but don’t want to pay for it

British energy consumers say they care about going green but aren’t willing to pay more to do so. A survey carried out for supplier OVO Energy shows although 85% of 2,000 respondents say they make conscious efforts to save energy at home, only one in five would pay a higher bill if it was better for the […]

Tesco reads energy savings in tea leaves

As tipped by ELN last week, Tesco has officially announced its ‘Buying Club’ to help its suppliers save energy by with discount low carbon lighting. It follows a successful pilot scheme with four of its suppliers including tea maker Typhoo. Tesco claims the ‘guinea pig’ was able to save nearly 900 tonnes of carbon emissions […]

Schneider Electric launches energy saving movement detector

Schneider Electric has launched a new range of presence and movement detectors which it claims can cut energy use by making sure lights are only turned on when they are needed. The Argus detectors can be used on their own or as part of a network of sensors, can be adjusted to turn lights on […]