Smoking & power plant
Air pollution ‘more deadly than smoking’

A new report suggests damaging health implications related to pollution are “substantially higher than previously assumed”

Diwali firecrackers see Indian air pollution soar

Celebrating crowds ignored calls to limit the use of fireworks and bangers, resulting in ‘hazardous’ air conditions

Air pollution pumps up the risk of heart attacks

A new report from the Committee on the Medical Effects of Air Pollutants outlines a range of cardiovascular risks

Smiting smog ‘could save Europe €183bn by 2025’

InnoEnergy and Deloitte call for nations and cities to adopt innovative technologies to clean the air

Kids sing for clean air as toxic smog hits UK

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npower’s Wayne Mitchell on Parisian petrol heads

Can EVs help avoid a Paris-style car ban in London? Motorists in Paris were subjected to a number plate lottery at the start of last week, with 50% of cars banned from driving into the city centre in an effort to cut dangerous levels of air pollution. Smog is becoming a problem for many more […]

Paris smog prompts driving ban

The French Government has introduced a driving ban in Paris to counter some of the worst smog the city has seen in years. From 5.30am this morning, only half of drivers in the city are allowed to use their cars, depending on whether their number plate ends with an odd or even number. Tomorrow this […]

China pledges £11bn to tackle pollution

China has pledged to spend ¥100 billion (£10.7bn) over three years to deal with the capital city’s pollution crisis. According to Chinese reports, the Beijing Government has published plans to improve sewage disposal, garbage treatment, air quality and tackle illegal construction. This includes laying or upgrading 1,290 km of sewage pipeline, building five garbage incineration […]

Dangerous smog covers Chinese cities

Many parts of China have been engulfed by thick polluted smog for the second time in around two weeks. According to Chinese reports, visibility was lower than 1,000 metres in the capital city, Beijing and a few other provinces. This has led to more people in hospital with respiratory illnesses and has prompted city Governments […]

Campaign calls on would-be mayors to clean up London’s smog

A campaign group has called on London’s mayoral candidates to include legal frameworks to reduce pollution in the capital. Clean Air in London has warned current Mayor Boris Johnson that he is “well behind on this key election issue.” Pollution in parts of London averages over twice World Health Organisation maximum recommended levels and Boris […]