Peugeot turns to TikTok to dispel EV myths

The car maker looks to quash fears such as range-anxiety with the new campaign

Squid Game is ‘nearly ten times more discussed topic than COP26’

Boris Johnson has more than 20 times more COP26 related online mentions than Greta Thunberg, according to new research

Facebook becomes net zero in its operations

The social network has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 94% in the last three years and is now powered by 100% renewable energy

Wind farms become one of the most ‘Instagrammable’ places for Scots influencers

A new study finds 250,000 Scottish 16-24-year-olds have taken a picture of a wind turbine

Yorkshire households warned to not become ‘accidental’ waste criminals

There are concerns about the number of ‘man and van’ adverts and self-promotion on Facebook and other social media platforms offering to take away people’s rubbish

UN, Chinese social media platform target air pollution

The UN has teamed up with China’s biggest social media network to intensify its campaigns on air pollution and other environmental issues such as marine litter. UN Environment has signed a strategic partnership with Weibo, which attracts 376 million active users monthly, in an effort to reach millions more people through social media in China. […]

Facebook likes solar for New Mexico data centre

A renewable company based in New Mexico has been chosen for a solar project that will power Facebook’s data centre. Affordable Solar is to build a 30MW project for the social network’s data centre in Los Lunas. Construction of the first of three 10MW sites is expected to begin in mid-2017. The project will include […]

Facebook and Twitter powering up energy firms?

An increasing number of consumers are turning to social media first to voice their complaints or flaunt a product – and it seems energy companies are increasing their presence on the web too. New research has revealed UK power providers are taking to Facebook and Twitter to engage with their customers. British Gas has been […]

npower’s Wayne Mitchell on consumer feedback

Would you like to tell your energy supplier what to do? Customer power is a growing phenomenon. Far from being passive recipients of whatever products or services are available, consumers are now increasingly being asked to take part in the design of these offerings. Social media such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn also provide a […]

Do it ‘Like’ the Swedes! New Facebook data centre is hydro-powered

Facebook will be hoping its users like the energy source of its new data centre (pictured) in Sweden – as its first data centre outside of the United States is powered by hydroelectricity. The social media site’s Luleå facility, located on the edge of the Arctic Circle, is serving live user traffic from around the […]