UK Research could make solar cells more efficient

Scientists from the University of Sheffield making a new type of solar panel using plastic say they have found a new technique to make them more efficient. Their new plastic-based solar cells are currently only about 6.5% efficient, compared to ones made from silicon being sold on the market today which are about 18-20% efficient. But […]

China and Taiwan dominate on solar panels

China and Taiwan dominated when it came to making solar panels last year, according to analysts at market research group Solarbuzz. Their ‘Marketbuzz’ report suggests the Asian superpower and its smaller island neighbour accounted for 74% of global cell production. This was against a backdrop of rising global production, with the amount of solar cells […]

Wind turbine powers solar factory

In what is claimed to be a world first, a solar cell maker is to use wind power in its manufacturing process Cardiff-based G24 Innovations is to install a 120 metre tall windmill provided by green energy company Ecotricity which could produce 5.9m units of electricity each year and save more than 2,500 tonnes of […]