Perovskite solar cells secure stability boost

South Korean researchers have enhanced perovskite solar cells against lead leakage and moisture degradation

US solar industry achieves record-breaking first quarter

Solar market is projected to triple in size within five years, according to analysts

Newcastle researchers create sustainable indoor solar cells for IoT

Researchers at Newcastle University have developed indoor solar cells that can efficiently harness ambient light to power IoT devices

New Israeli solar panel boosts yields for farmers

Scientists have discovered new solar cells that could reduce the cost of energy per kWh by 75% while boosting crops

New $20m research group to support growth of US solar industry

It aims to make cadmium telluride solar cells – the second most common PV technology in the world after silicon – less expensive and more efficient

‘If you believed they put a …nuclear plant on the Moon’!

NASA is looking for design ideas for a fission power plant that could be built in the next ten years

Transparent solar cells boost lettuce farming while decreasing energy use

New research found transparent solar cells can help greenhouse growers generate electricity and reduce energy use while cultivating crops

US startup unveils solar-powered EV that ‘needs no charging’ for most daily use

The vehicle integrates a solar system, which offers it a range of 45 miles per day

Not another brick in the wall! Scientists develop brick that charges devices

A total of 50 ‘smart’ bricks could enable powering emergency lighting for five hours, a new study from Washington University shows

UK researchers awarded £6m to drive next-gen solar tech

The organic and perovskite solar cells are critical to advances such as zero carbon buildings and vehicles as well as the Internet of Things