Met Office: ‘2023 could be hotter than 2022’

That’s after the UK saw temperatures of more than 40°C last summer

Time for a water grid?

The government is considering a plan that will enable water supply transfers between regions

‘Nearly 20m people could face hosepipe ban’

Thames Water and South West Water might soon introduce water-use restrictions to limit their exposure to the driest summer since 1976

Engines off! – ‘What about Mr Whippy?’

Could environmental desires to stop diesel engines pumping out fuel lead to less ice creams in the blazing sun?

Brightonians, the new weed-busters?

Residents in Brighton will be offered tools to weed their overgrown pavements

Hottest day of the year tomorrow a marker of climate change?

Temperatures are set to reach 34°C, with experts putting it down to climate change

Welsh Government launches £4m scheme to help with spiralling energy bills

Nearly 120,000 people on prepayment meters will be eligible for around 49,000 vouchers to support them during the cost-of-living crisis

National Grid ESO forecasts sufficient electricity supplies this summer

The market will continue to be hit by high electricity prices in the summer, according to a new report

English heatwave level raised by Met Office

The threshold has been increased to compensate for increasing temperatures from global warming

UK summer heatwaves projected to soar 50% higher than global average

A new study warns the country could face a ‘future of extreme heatwaves’, carrying with it a raft of serious health risks