Households brace for lower energy price cap with ‘minimal relief’

Experts caution that the anticipated lower energy price cap will offer little respite to households as government support schemes come to an end

New price cap announcement looms next week

The new price cap will potentially bring relief to households grappling with high energy costs

OVO and Good Energy slammed with £4m fine for customer overcharging

An investigation conducted by Ofgem has revealed that Good Energy and OVO have failed to provide proper protection to around 18,000 customers

Government ‘evaluating social tariff benefits’

Various options for future energy bill support are presently under scrutiny, the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero has said

UK energy brand shuts off lights: customers to be transferred to OVO

Nearly 200,000 Boost Power customers will be transferred to OVO Energy

OVO’s scheme pays off: Customers rewarded £150k for energy shakeup!

OVO’s Power Move trial has paid customers almost £150,000 for using energy at greener times over winter

Small firms facing ‘financial doom’ as Energy Bill Relief Scheme set to end

The end of the scheme may cause a significant increase in energy bills for businesses who fixed their prices last year, new research shows

UK grid set for major upgrade with new ‘digital spine’ project

A study will assess the feasibility of the grid’s “digital spine”, enabling the secure exchange of energy system data

Smart meter sales boom – billions set to be made!

Revenue from smart meters will exceed $60 billion by 2027, new research has found

Homes exporting energy to UK’s grid to be paid more

Good Energy has launched a new smart export product for its FiT customers