“UK supermarkets double fuel margins amid Ukraine war”

RAC data reveals that major UK supermarkets have doubled their margins on petrol and diesel since the onset of the war in Ukraine

UK big firms urge Prime Minister for net zero leadership to prevent UK lagging behind

Major companies, including Centrica, Tesco, BT, M&S, Unilever and Amazon have expressed concern over the country’s potential to lag behind in the green economy without strong government support

Concerns over voluntary pump price disclosure

The RAC has emphasised the need for official wholesale fuel monitoring to ensure fair pricing by retailers

UK to crack down on petrol stations overcharging drivers

The UK Energy Secretary is set to meet with prominent retailers, such as Asda, Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, bp, Shell and Esso, to discuss measures aimed at ensuring fair fuel prices

UK Energy Secretary warns retailers: Act or face legal consequences

Grant Shapps has issued a stern warning to retailers, urging immediate action or else face severe legal repercussions for their practices in the wake of fuel price hikes

Farms to receive cash injection from private sector to save the planet

Improving data access and giving clarity on high-integrity environmental markets could boost a sustainable agriculture sector

Tomatoes denied by extreme weather!

Extreme cold and floods have seen crop yields hit hard

Public EV charging costs seven times more!

Charging an average EV at home cost nearly £208 a year, compared to more than £1,450 for public charging, according to a new report

The Big Zero Show, a big success!

More than 700 industry leaders and delegates shone a light on business’ net zero ambitions at Coventry Building Society Arena

The Big Zero Show kicks off!

Today, Coventry has become the home of the UK’s net zero