Tesco, Sainsbury’s coal supplier fined £3.4m for rigging bids

CPL and Fuel Express admitted to rigging competitive tenders to supply the two supermarket chains

Tesco supports plastic bottle return scheme

Tesco supports the UK’s proposed plastic bottle return scheme. The supermarket giant has announced it is behind the implementation of a Deposit Return System (DRS) if it could be achieved practically and cheaply across the country. The firm thinks a plastic return initiative should be introduced as only one aspect of a wider approach to […]

Tesco scraps 5p carrier bags for 10p ‘Bags for Life’

Tesco is to stop the sale of 5p carrier bags across the UK from the end of the month and instead offer 10p “Bags for Life”. The move follows a 10-week trial in Aberdeen, Dundee and Norwich, which the supermarket claims led to a 25% cut in bag sales as shoppers brought their own or […]

Tesco turns down textile toxins

Tesco has committed to eliminate hazardous chemicals from its textile production. The retail giant has announced the move will make the supply chain of its own garment brand F&F much more environmentally friendly and said it would also release a full list of fabric suppliers. Since the Greenpeace Detox Campaign was launched in 2011, a total of 80 international brands and suppliers, including […]

Tesco fined £8m over fuel leak into rivers and sewers

Tesco has been ordered to pay more than £8 million in fines and costs after a fuel leak from one of its petrol stations polluted waterways and sewers. The incident in July 2014 led to around 23,500 litres of petrol leaking from a filling tank in Haslingden. According to the Environment Agency, fuel entered the […]

Tesco goes green for good

Tesco will switch to running its entire business on green energy by 2030. The supermarket giant said it will run all UK stores on renewable sources by the end of this year and plans to roll out the conversion to its entire global empire of stores and distribution centres. Kene Umeasiegbu, Head of Climate Change […]

Tesco saves £750,000 on water costs

Tesco has managed to save thousands of pounds on water costs by optimising its current supply agreements in Scotland. It worked with independent water specialist Waterscan to improve its agreements in the Scottish country where retail competition already exists. In England, around 1.2 million business customers will be able to choose their supplier for water […]

Supermarkets cut petrol price below £1 a litre

The largest supermarkets have cut the price of petrol to less than £1 per litre. Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Asda have reduced prices as oil fell to below £40 per barrel. Last week, data from the RAC revealed it will lead to a cut of three pence a litre in the average price for petrol and […]

Tesco’s plastic bag use down 80% after 5p charge

Plastic bags used by customers at Tesco in England has been cut by almost 80% in a month. That’s a consequence of introducing the government’s five pence bag charge, according to the supermarket. The charge is applied to all retailers with 250 or more full-time employees and aims to cut the number of plastic bags taken from shops […]

Tesco unveils plans to cut food waste

Tesco has launched a new scheme to reduce food waste. It is collaborating with charity FareShare and Irish social enterprise FoodCloud to achieve this goal. An app supplied by FoodCloud will be used by Tesco’s managers at different stores to tell charities the amount of unsold food they have at the end of the day. According to the company it […]