Climate change news coverage up 68% in US during 2019

Although news coverage increased from 142 minutes to 238 minutes, it still made up only 0.7% of overall broadcasts, according to a new study

ITV pledges to turn down the volume on emissions by 10% a year

The television producer and broadcaster says the move will put it in line with limiting global warming to 1.5°C

Africa’s solar TVs get bigger and better

Azuri has unveiled a new 32-inch version of its sun-powered TV for off-grid households

Africa tunes in to solar TV

Developer Azuri says the technology provides not just entertainment but also education and community bonding

Switching start-up emerges victorious from Dragon’s Den

Look After My Bills sold 3% of its equity for a record figure of £120,000

Summer of sports will cost couch potatoes £9m

British sports fans are to pay £9 million in energy bills this summer to watch their favourite sports on TV. New research from reveals the average Brit will spend the equivalent of a working week watching sport on TV over the summer, with nearly 9% of sports fans having recently bought or planning to […]

Brits admit leaving TV shows playing on gadgets for hours

Gadget-crazed Britons are absent-mindedly leaving energy-guzzling TVs and tablets switched on while not using them. A new survey found every Brit has three devices to watch home entertainment and half (55%) admit leaving them on for at least an hour and a half per day. Beverley Maguire, energy efficiency expert at E.ON said: “Add that […]

Tough energy efficiency rules cutting costs for householders

The cost of running household appliances such as watching the television and washing clothes in Britain’s households has fallen significantly since the 1990s, according to a new report. That’s the result of tougher EU minimum performance standards and an increase in energy efficient products on the market, DECC revealed, claiming the UK could save more […]

Consumers foot bill for TV station and nurseries in energy tariffs

Extra charges on some European countries’ energy bills are going towards funding national broadcasters, pension funds and in the case of one central European country, nursery care. Portugal reports broadcasters’ fees are included in electricity bills and Italy is considering following suit. The revelation came in new analysis from trade body Eurelectric which flagged up the […]

Standby and watch your bills rise

Kids might scorn their dads for sounding like a broken record when it comes to turning the telly off at the mains, but it really could cut a hefty chunk from your electricity bill, a new study claims. It’s estimated 8% of the average electricity bill comes from gadgets left with the little red light […]