Could TV screens and online streaming help us rethink energy?

Fiona Ball, Director of the Bigger Picture at Sky, will host a session taking place at 11:00 on November 9th at Xpo 2020

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TV and online streaming are among the things keeping us all going during the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to data from the Office for National Statistics, watching screens has been the second most popular way Britons have been coping the lockdown restrictions – almost six-in-ten people say they are watching films or streaming services to help ease the impact of the crisis.

In times when working-from-home has become the new normal, TV watching and live streaming have soared in popularity – the media watchdog Ofcom suggests adults spend nearly 40% of their waking hours in front of a screen and at the height of lockdown, adults spent an average of six hours and 25 minutes each day staring at screens.

But how we can continue this habit without losing sight of the bigger picture, namely the climate emergency that sits on the seat next to us?

Could we keep watching in a greener way and how could the TV and film industry bring us closer to sustainability?

Fiona Ball is Director of the Bigger Picture at Sky, Europe’s leading media and communications company, responsible for its sustainability strategy and performance – she will give the answers to these pressing questions during the headline session of this year’s Energy Live Xpo: Rethinking Energy.

Sky recently launched its ambition to become net zero carbon by 2030, in a bid to be part of the forefront of the UK’s economy move to a net zero carbon world – it has already received carbon-neutral certification on all 41 UK-commissioned original productions in 2019 and Sky Sports recently became the first sports broadcaster to sign the UN climate change commitment and pledged to create the world’s most eco-friendly film and TV studio.

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