UK scientists break fusion energy record

Scientists at the Joint European Torus have achieved a milestone by setting a new world record for fusion energy output

UKAEA invests £7.4m in lithium fusion tech

Five organisations have secured contracts from the UK Atomic Energy Authority as part of its Fusion Industry Programme

JET fusion tests: Neutron impact on electronics

The Joint European Torus facility is conducting experiments to investigate how high-energy neutrons, generated during fusion, affect electronics

Fusion farewell: JET’s final tritium experiments mark end of an era

Oxford’s Joint European Torus facility gears up for its last tritium experiments

JET celebrates 40 years of fusion energy progress

The UK Atomic Energy Authority continues to operate JET, contributing to global efforts in fusion energy development

UK’s fusion energy programme gains momentum

The UK Atomic Energy Authority and Dassault Systèmes have teamed up to develop a prototype fusion energy plant

West Burton A coal power station shuts downs after 57 years of operation

The power station generated a total of 491,792GWh of electricity over its 57 years of operation, equivalent to powering 164 million homes for a year

UK closer to ‘cheap, abundant’ energy

Tokamak Energy’s advanced fusion prototype will be built at the UKAEA’s Culham campus

UK nuclear plant robots to clean up the big space mess!

The UK Atomic Energy Authority is working on a robotics solution, previously used in nuclear reactors, that could reduce space litter

New transatlantic agreement to advance commercial fusion energy

The UK Atomic Energy Authority and Commonwealth Fusion Systems will support the ‘fastest path’ to low carbon fusion energy, based on the same processes that power the sun and stars