Energy suppliers ‘sitting on a hoard of £4.5bn in customer credit’

Fears are growing as Ofgem has axed plans to require all energy suppliers to ringfence their customers’ credit balances

UK energy debt soars

Almost three million UK households owe more to their energy suppliers, new report finds

Thousands of Britons turn to prepayment meters amid energy crisis

Nearly 10,000 prepayment meters are predicted to be installed every month this winter, according to a report

British households keen to cut energy use to tackle soaring bills

More than one-in-ten homes say they will not be able to cope with rising energy bills whatever they do, new survey shows

Energy debt hits £1.3bn before the ‘perfect storm’ breaks

Nearly six million households owe an average of £206 to energy suppliers, new report suggests

A quarter of customers ‘are in debt to their energy supplier’

The amount of money households owe to their energy suppliers has doubled in a year to reach £1 billion, according to a report

Millions of SVT customers ‘in the dark’, days before the new price cap comes into force

Almost a quarter of energy customers have not been contacted by their suppliers about price changes, according to new research

One-in-six prepayment customers ‘avoided using energy for at least two days’

Nearly 35% have sat in a coat and hat indoors to avoid turning the heating on, new survey suggests

Cornwall tops list of renewable installations

Stoke-on-Trent saw the biggest increase in renewable installations in the last five years, according to new research

Two-fifths of GHG measures ‘installed in London and the South East’

London has become home to almost a quarter of the installed energy-saving measures receiving the Green Homes Grant, according to a new report