Household spending on utility bills ‘rose by a third in May’

Four-in-ten Brits trying to use less energy and water in their homes, according to a survey

Yü Group launches metering services business unit

The company integrated the Management and Support team of Magnum Utilities which entered administration

HSBC sets tougher emissions reduction targets for oil and gas clients

The bank has pledged to reduce oil and gas financed emissions by 34% by 2030

New York announces $3m for decarbonised and resilient energy services

The funding is expected to enable utilities to more effectively respond to stress events as a result of climate change and extreme weather

‘2022 will be tough in energy’ Octopus boss says

The fourth-largest energy supplier posted an operating loss of £1 million

Half of Brits expect utility bills to skyrocket!

That view is shared by 68% of those in the age group 55-75, new survey finds

Does the UK have the highest number of bankrupted utilities in Europe?

More than 2,500,000 customers were affected by the collapses in the energy market last year, according to a new study

Ofwat urges companies to go further to cut emissions

Carbon reduction should be prioritised over carbon offsetting, says Ofwat

‘New energy models can stop utilities going bust’

Only 22% of energy companies are looking at new energy business models but a new report suggests this could be critical to stop them being wiped out

What data can do for decision making: businesses, customers and the environment

Data and analytics are becoming more and more integral to how businesses make decisions in all areas of their operation, from managing Energy & Utilities and Oil & Gas supply chains to optimising their sales strategy to delivering better customer service.