Ofwat urges companies to go further to cut emissions

Carbon reduction should be prioritised over carbon offsetting, says Ofwat

‘New energy models can stop utilities going bust’

Only 22% of energy companies are looking at new energy business models but a new report suggests this could be critical to stop them being wiped out

What data can do for decision making: businesses, customers and the environment

Data and analytics are becoming more and more integral to how businesses make decisions in all areas of their operation, from managing Energy & Utilities and Oil & Gas supply chains to optimising their sales strategy to delivering better customer service.

Utilities join forces to improve disabled customer service amid energy crisis

Anglian Water, SGN and UK Power Networks have provided additional funding to boost charity’s free advice helpline

Administrators appointed for Bluegreen Energy Services

The supplier went under earlier this month as a result of the soaring wholesale gas prices

The future starts with AI: AI, automation & robotics are safeguarding energy and utilities Industries – Q&A

Why does the Energy & Utilities future start with AI?

The future starts with AI: AI, automation & robotics are safeguarding energy and utilities industries

While the Energy and Utilities industries may not seem like the most obvious places to look when it comes to automation, robotics and artificial intelligence, they are actually some of the biggest potential adopters of these technologies.

Achieving Net Zero: future proofing and government regulation – Q&A

Net zero is an admirable goal, but there are lots of potential pitfalls when trying to accomplish it

New study predicts nearly 59% of UK organisations will miss 2050 net zero target

Three-quarters of UK organisations are described as having ‘one foot in and one foot out’ on sustainability, according to a new report

Energy Live News interviews Birlasoft

Birlasoft and Energy Live News have produced a series of blogs and articles focused on using cutting edge technological solutions to overcome key challenges in the Energy and Utility industries.