Electricity switching soar 77% as energy prices drop

New figures reveal a significant rise in energy switching in June as prices fluctuate

Nearly 170,636 customers decided to switch to a different energy supplier last month.

That’s according to Energy UK‘s latest electricity switching figures, released today, which show a notable increase from May’s figures of 150,852 customers.

The surge represents a staggering 77% rise compared to the same period last year.

However, the current switching numbers are still substantially lower than those seen in 2021.

Among all the switches made during this period, 18% involved customers moving from larger suppliers to smaller and mid-tier ones.

In contrast, 17% of the switches witnessed consumers shifting from small and mid-tier suppliers to larger ones.

A majority of 57% of the switches occurred between larger suppliers, while only 8% took place between small and mid-tier suppliers, according to the report.

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