Ofwat urges companies to go further to cut emissions

Carbon reduction should be prioritised over carbon offsetting, says Ofwat

Energy efficiency saved US manufacturers and water firms $9.3bn

Under the Department of Energy’s Better Buildings, Better Plants programme, companies voluntarily pledge to reduce portfolio-wide energy intensity by around 25% over 10 years

Ofwat proposes payments and penalties for three water firms

Ofwat is proposing payments for water companies that have outperformed and penalties for those that have underperformed. It has launched a consultation, which will run until 20th November, on the proposals to adjust the price control to be applied from April next year. All water companies have committed to improve their performance for 2015/20 based […]

Water firms attacked for payouts to overseas owners

Water firms have been attacked for sending big payouts to overseas owners while running up debts in the UK. A new report led by former Chairman of water regulator Ofwat argues that since 2005 “prices for water have been too high” because the regulator has been “overestimating” the cost of capital for water companies. The […]