More support for decommissioning of Wylfa nuclear power station

A new electrical overlay system will be built by UK Power Networks Services to ensure the decommissioning work progresses well

Inquiry: Could Wylfa be the UK’s next nuclear power station?

The Welsh Affairs Committee will explore the economic impact of a new nuclear power station at Wylfa and Wales’ role in the UK Government’s nuclear ambitions

Last nuclear fuel leaves Wylfa power station

The Wylfa Site on Anglesey operated from 1972 until 2015 and generated 232TWh of electricity

UK Government considers public investment in Wylfa nuclear project

It has started formal negotiations with Horizon Nuclear Power, which is owned by Japanese firm Hitachi, for the proposed plant

Hitachi creates new firm for UK nuclear project

Japan’s Hitachi has announced the creation of a new UK company for a nuclear power project. It confirmed Hitachi Nuclear Energy Europe will lead its work in a proposed joint venture in the development of Wylfa Newydd. It has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with two partners – Bechtel Management Company and JGC Corporation. The […]

Final day for Wylfa nuclear power station

The Wylfa nuclear power station will shut down after 44 years of electricity production. Reactor One is due to be switched off today, five years after the plant’s original planned closure date. Located at Anglesey, it has been generating electricity since 1971, enough to power more than a million homes every year. Secretary of State […]

Wylfa nuclear station shut down date announced

Magnox’s largest nuclear power station will be shut down at the end of December after 44 years. The Welsh ‘Wylfa’ site generated almost 232TWh of electricity – enough to power around 1.1 million homes a year. The plant was initially due to shut down in 2010 but continued to generate for another five years. Magnox […]

Wylfa nuclear plant to stay open longer

The last working Magnox nuclear reactor in the world will continue running until December 2015. Yesterday regulators gave Magnox thumbs up to prolong the Wylfa power plant’s life. It was originally scheduled to stop generating power in 2010. To keep Wylfa running, partially used fuel must be transferred from Reactor 2 to Reactor 1. Stuart […]

Wylfa nuclear public consultation set out

People can now have their say on plans for the construction of a new nuclear power station in Wales. Horizon Nuclear Power has set up a 10-week consultation period, starting on 29th September, for the proposed Wylfa Newydd power station on Anglesey, which would have a minimum generating capacity of up to 2.7GW. The company […]

Wylfa nuclear plant reopens after five-month closure

The Wylfa nuclear power plant in North Wales is up and running again after a five-month closure. Reactor 1 was shut down in January for its last scheduled maintenance but the discovery of further problems delayed its restart. The 43-year-old facility, which is expected to close later this year, finished the 2013/14 financial year with […]