Giant 12MW turbine breezes into town

General Electric has unveiled its new 12MW wind turbine, which it says will be at the forefront of the next generation of offshore renewable energy technologies

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General Electric (GE) has unveiled a new, “mega-powerful” offshore wind turbine design.

The next-generation 12MW structure can achieve an output of 67GWh of power a year – its developer says this is around 45% more than the largest turbine currently in operation.

Its blades are 107 metres long and each unit will generate enough power to supply around 16,000 European households, with a 62-turbine wind farm able to supply approximately one million homes.

GE believes the Haliade-X could prove one of the first models fit for the subsidy-free renewable facilities planned across Europe in the 2020s.

A joint industry project has been launched to investigate the next generation of wind technology.

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