Talk to the people says Russian nuclear chief

CEO of ROSATOM France says Soviet legacy of silence won’t work today…

Big Zero Report 2022

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The boss of ROSATOM in Europe has told ELN the future for nuclear power is all about communication.

Andrey Rozhdestvin was very open and direct when I spoke to him earlier this week in Madrid, where the Russian nuclear giant ROSATOM was launching its partnership with National Geographic, sponsoring a series of new wildlife documentaries.

It’s one its ways of trying to trigger public dialogue on the issue of nuclear power. ROSATOM says the documentaries will be talking about how to tackle climate change and they of course believe nuclear energy, which is carbon-free generation, is part of the answer.

You will be able to read more about this next week but as part of a wider discussion, Mr Rozhdestvin told me that the legacy of the old days of Soviet nuclear power wouldn’t work now. He said getting public acceptance was the key for the long term health of the nuclear industry in Russia and around the world.

Nuclear energy is now providing 17% of Russia’s supply and ROSATOM are confident that figure will grow, as the public realise the potential benefits of nuclear power and that is down to not hiding the truth.

You can see the full interview with Mr Rozhdestvin next week. And extra terrestrial nuclear power is one of the topics we will be discussing at Energy Live Future in June. If you’re a major energy user claim your free space now.



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