‘Green graphene-based concrete could slash construction emissions’

It is said to be more sustainable, strong and durable than standard concrete

Big Zero Report 2022

‘Green concrete’ made using graphene could slash the carbon footprint of the construction industry.

Experts from the University of Exeter are working to develop a more sustainable, strong and durable concrete using nano-engineering technology.

They think it could halve the amount of materials required to make the important material, reducing carbon emissions by around 446 kilograms per tonne produced.

The new composite, which is more than twice as strong and four times more water resistant than existing concretes, could be used directly by the construction industry and complies with existing standards.

Researcher Dimitar Dimov said: “This groundbreaking research is important as it can be applied to large-scale manufacturing and construction.

“The industry has to be modernised by incorporating not only off-site manufacturing but innovative new materials as well.”

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