Crimestoppers calls on public for more help stopping energy theft

Energy theft across the country adds around £20 to the average household’s gas and power bills annually

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Crimestoppers has asked the public to be ‘Stoppers not Spotters’, as part of a new campaign to raise awareness of energy crime.

The charity says energy theft across the country is adding an average £20 to each household’s gas and power bills annually and has urged Brits to make better use of its  ‘stayenergysafe’ service, which is an anonymous tip-off service.

While 92% of people believe energy theft is wrong, the charity says only a small percentage have taken action – it has recorded around 5,000 reports of energy crime during the last two years.

Rodger Holden, Director at Crimestoppers, said: “Energy theft is one of those crimes that people don’t think affects them but that could not be further from the truth.

“A tampered meter creates a huge safety risk that can lead to an explosion or fire – imagine it was your neighbour stealing energy – would you turn a blind eye?”

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