National Grid ‘must provide right environment for decarbonisation’

That’s the verdict from Paul Dight, Partner at law firm Addleshaw Goddard

Big Zero Report 2022

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National Grid and Ofgem must provide the right environment for energy users to adopt low carbon technologies and disruptive business models.

That’s the verdict from Paul Dight, Partner at Addleshaw Goddard, who told ELN that as traditional consumers become more engaged and informed ‘prosumers’, they are taking proactive steps to optimise their energy usage, buy and sell spare power and cut costs.

He stressed National Grid will need to offer products that appeal to these people, fit into their evolving working practices and get them to interact with balancing services, if the transition to a low carbon economy is to happen effectively.

Mr Dight added Brexit was unlikely to significantly hinder the UK’s efforts to reduce emissions and become more sustainable, stating this was the case because much of the legislation is already embedded in UK law,

He said: “The Climate Change Act, which is the biggest one which has the carbon budgets that we need to comply with, they actually stretch further than what Europe was asking for.

“Yes, it will have an impact, inevitably – things like interconnectors where there will be an impact, the difficulty is of course that we can’t see what that is going to look like.”

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